Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hyderabad Blues....

Heya fellows.. !!! :) :) :)

I am back …before the crimson shades could turn blue black out of negligence :P and this time with a renewed determination to never stop writing...

You must be surprised by the generic title of this post, but "Hyderabad Blues" would be the name of the post had been decided by me the day I stepped into this city and thought of penning down my experiences. I moved to Hyderabad, in the mid of January. As I landed at the Rajeev Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad I was impressed…it was huge and one of the finest in the country.
The narrow lanes of Chaarminar

New job, new city, new people... The initial feeling was that of excitement but no…not for long! The excitement vanished within a couple of days as I experienced a cultural shock. Different faces, talking in different tones and accents… all that they said was beyond my comprehension. Office was warm, with friendly people around but the communication gap persisted. I realized I was missing Chandigarh...Or maybe I was missing the flavor of North India.

But nevertheless, I kept telling myself... Hyderabad is a metro... Chandigarh was a small city, sooner or later you gotta come out it if you want to make your dreams come true. The good part was that since I had been putting up with my relatives, I wasn’t homesick..Frequent long drives to Hi-tech City, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills and the likes of these areas kept me convinced of the expected ultra modern look of the city. The glitzy façade of Hi Tech city would remind of you of IT professionals and the look is much like that of a miniature IT park, Chandigarh. Young boys and girls zoom around these roads all the time flaunting their flashy BMWs, Porsches, Audis and what not!

Food here is awesome, for those of you who love…treating your taste buds to non vegetarian food...Hyderabad is the place to be! Roll out your tongues and you can have the tastiest OF Biryani and Fish, the most famous being Apollo Fish. South Indian is a good change initially, but then at the end of the day I craved for Chapatis.

And now looking at the city from another perspective, People here are very simple and hard working. Dressed in simple cotton sarees, the ladies still look pretty (in their own ways) and the men make an all together different style statement...Coming to office in pants, shirts...But with CHAPPALS! I did find all this hilarious initially … but am getting used to it now.

The city is charming and has a unique identity of its own … The Irani cafe which is located in almost every street...Serves some special biscuits called the Osmania biscuits along with delicious milky tea. A friend told me about the world famous Bangle Market in Charminar…and I could not wait long to visit that place. Though I went to visit Charminar I ended up spending 5 hours in Laad Bazar... With bangles right and left I almost went crazy shopping. In the galis of Charminar an all together different world exists…old conservative people, mostly Muslims, fluttering of the pigeons are a common sight. Occasionally one may hear voices reciting the Quran...

The World Famous Laad Bazar, also finds its mention in the Guinness book of world records.

All in all though it is too early to arrive at a judgment but I can still say Hyderabad is a metro with people from multi ethnic and multicultural back grounds...a massive population of several lakhs living together in harmony.

In short a multi ethnic city on the fast track...!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


If only you could see the tears, In the world you left behind
If only you could hear my heart...Just one more time !!!

Even when I close my eyes..There is an image of your face
Once again I come to realize ...You are a loss that I can't replace

Have been wondering since the day that your were gone
Why did you leave me...
In my heart you were the only...And your memory lives on
Why did you leave me

Walking down the streets...Where our love was young and free
Can't believe just what an empty place..It has come to be !!!

Have been wondering since the day that your were gone
Why did you leave me...

Time will never change the things...that you told me !!!
Why did you leave me..
Why did you leave me..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painfully pleasurable..

Writing this one post is something i'v been dreading for long ... because it has me trudging back the memory lane....over the path strewn with memories...some sweet ..some sour ..some bitter...but all very dear to me !!

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kab se
Aage ke sapne saja rakhe the naajane kab se

Bade utavle the yaha se jane ko
Zindagi ka agla padav paane ko

Par na jaane kyu...dil mein aj kuch aur ata hai
Waqt ko rokne ko jee chahta hai ..!!

Its just not sinking in ...yet another phase of life has come to an end..and its finally time to set foot in another world. No more classes to attend and more assignments to make ! It was 6 long years ago the day I stepped in this university...I still remember my first day so clearly like it just happened yesterday. The mixed emotions of ..excitement, fear , curiosity and happiness all seem so vivid...and now that it all seems so settled its time to leave.
Our Gang :)

The early pharmacy days were absolute fun...I instantly bonded with people who I can proudly call the best friends I have had till date..

B.Pharmacy Batch 2004-2008

Attending classes was suddenly FUN ... Thanx to you guys..!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am sure by now, most of my fellow mates would be longing for that moment where we would be free from the cuffs of education and make our own foray into the corporate world. With the last trimester of college being on, as part of my project I finally got an opportunity to work with a Pharma company as a management trainee and with just more than one month of office I feel I have soo much to share :P

My initial feeling was of excitement, as I was about to embark a valuable opportunity of working in a corporate environment, enabling me to learn new skills and meet new people. Nevertheless, my excitement was also accompanied by nerves as I often wondered with little knowledge and zero experience could I really prove myself. And now that I have been into it I think it certainly doesn't feel any different from the academic world we have been bred in… there is a boss who is as fussy as our teachers and there are colleagues who fill the void for missing classmates..!!!

It sure is adventurous enough to flock into a planet diverse in lock, stock and barrel. Things certainly are to my expectations except for my work at times…and about which I crib as much as possible and as and when I get time. :P I often find myself in weird situations, the labour class and their nasty disgusting comments as I walk past them, in the industrial area...phew !!!! But then in this one month...I’ve learnt a lott...learnt how to mess up things...how to mess up relations...how to mess up my time schedule and lots more ...life isn’t that easy...but then it’s a challenge and you need to keep going ...keep pushing hard...!!!

But now after spending so much time I’ve realized...it’s not such a bad place after all...the work is good...the people are sweet and funny ! And the best part it’s a noisy place...people are always humming...fighting...Joking...Laughing!

Someone once told me...life’s challenges are not meant to paralyse you ..they are to help you discover who you are...and that’s exactly what i am doing...exploring myself...my capabilities...facing the challenges...testing my limits and learning Life!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


After a while you learn the subtle differences
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
And company doesn't mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
And presents aren't promises !"

The labryrinth of love is like Abhimanyu's Chakravyuha...this is what todays Economic Times said ! And well said indeed...once in love forever in love...is what I believe in. Whether you're together or apart..you just can't cut through the haze...! I am sure at one point of time we'v all behaved crazy..crazy in love..even I have. I did love, got stung, grew older , grew bolder...and realized...Yes Loving is great..but even greater is sharing that love...not just with one 'special person' but with all the special people who make the journey called life worthwhile..It took me time to figure it all out, to make a choice, to do whats right..and now that clouds have lifted...the sun has appeared..LIFE IS GREAT ..LETS CELEBRATE...not just today...but everyday !!! If you really want to show your love...act on it when its least expected...not when society tells you to do it..

Whats your take on valentine's day....Love it or hate it ? Or, are you like me where you could go either way ... :) :)

A very very happy valentine's day to those I love..U know who you are...My family, my friends..friends that are dear, some who are not near...i know you can hear...I give my heart to all of you..


And yes, needless to mention ...Don't forget to love yourself...don't forget to pamper yourself...don't forget ..each one of us is special...because...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We today celebrate yet another REPUBLIC DAY. How ever, what should worry us is that the 60th Republic Day of the country would also pass of as just another National Holiday ! I somehow dnt understand what is so 'national' about the R-Day celebrations? As the country showcases its military might and vibrant cultural heritage..the question that remains to be answered is that do these celebrations still stir in us the same passion as it did during the days of the freedom struggle, do we still feel enthused or do we just spend another cosy day in the warmth of our rooms?

In the wake of booming economic growth and growing consumerist culture do we still take pride in our national flag which is sold a dozen a dime at traffic junctions all over the country....

Being from an army family, as a child i grew up seeing the Republic Day parade and even today when its been years since i witnessed the celebrations at Rajghat, i think the least we can do is spare some time to think about the contributions and sacrifices made by the great leaders of our country and how we as responsible citizens can contribute our bit in making India a truly Independent Nation ...!!!

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā

ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamāra

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ever since this birthday of mine ...where i was gifted the maximum number of chocolates ever ...i have been so lost in this dark world...

"Chocolate is food of the Gods"

That is how a Swiss botanist labeled it centuries ago, when he was blessed with his first taste...
I personally love chocolates..n though fully aware about the adverse effects I have not in the least been persuaded to lay down this chocolate habit !Yet, I try not to let my love of chocolates overtake me.... :) :)
I have restricted myself to having chocolates very rarely...specially wen am upset ! A chocolate is always around in my room to satisfy a random urge...to say a "Thankyou" or "Happy Bday " or just to take a nibble !!!! Yes I am chocolate crazy but i have my own standards....I must eat only the BEST ! And rite now ...i am enjoying the goodness of BOURNVILLE AND FERRERO! Yummmmmmm...

Did i make your mouth water yet...???
Oh ...C'mon ....go treat yourself !!!  :) :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

WE CARE....!!!! Spread the wings of breast cancer awareness.. !

A day or two ago wen i first received this message in my Facebook inbox i was a lil puzzled...
Some fun is going on…. just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of breast cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before people wonder why all the girls have a color in their status…
A little apprehensive...and a little amused..! But then within just a couple of hours i could see all my girl frends have colors as their status messages..and lo .. there was i with BLACK as my status message. Usually i do not overshare, most of us dnt ..but when it is for a good cause..why stay behind !

The campaign has marked the first successful use of Facebook status updates with very few words to send a powerful message across.. the message about BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.
Breast cancer, is one form of cancer that is easily curable if diagnosed in the early stages...and lack of awareness is one of the major reasons for its spread. And the disease is not uncommon ...one n every 9 women is affected ! So if this campaign helps even one woman ...just one ..is it not worth the effort ?
The campaign has been a landmark in viral marketing and has served as a fast, free and fun way for women to raise awareness about breast cancer and remind other women to get themselves examined....The thought of the disease crossed our minds more than, on any other normal day and even though it fell on deaf ears ..it helped many even if just for a few moments.
Simultaneously...the back lash against the campaign has also started wd hate groups and grps like i dnt want to know the color of your bra being started...but frends...there is a cause associated with it ...and the least we can do is spread awareness !
So girls gear up and jopin the campaign :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


I wonder why Im able to do this. Lolz

So the fact is.......






Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, though i am normally associated with extreme feminsim and "male bashing" statements...this time i am here to raise concerns over the recent judgement passed by an apex court where they said that " the courts could have faith on any girl or woman in the country who seeks justice against sexual assault !"
If we can talk so much about gender equality these days why have gender biased laws that are skewed towards women ...there are already many laws to protect the interests of women ...laws against domestic violence, dowry, female feticide, we have reservations for the girl child, the single girl child..the women reservation bill and what not ...
On one hand these laws confer protection on women on the other hand they confer undue power to abuse men on women. We already have so many genuine cases illustrating the rampant misuse of the Dowry Law by unscrupulous women to extort money and harass their husband’s entire extended family. So how can we gurantee that women who complain against sexual abuse shall not be misusing this power ??? Such laws would only continue to perpetuate gender discrimination and not put an end to it ! After all who says men can't be abused...???? LOL !
In my opinion, the Indian government has done enough to support structures for women who want to launch violence or harassment complaints, and make the criminal justice system, particularly the police, more gender sensitive and now its time to wait and watch before passing more judgements in favor of women, lest this law becomes yet another misguided attempt to enact legislation to grant women legal supremacy over men and to create a society where men are deprived of their rights...!!!!