Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am sure by now, most of my fellow mates would be longing for that moment where we would be free from the cuffs of education and make our own foray into the corporate world. With the last trimester of college being on, as part of my project I finally got an opportunity to work with a Pharma company as a management trainee and with just more than one month of office I feel I have soo much to share :P

My initial feeling was of excitement, as I was about to embark a valuable opportunity of working in a corporate environment, enabling me to learn new skills and meet new people. Nevertheless, my excitement was also accompanied by nerves as I often wondered with little knowledge and zero experience could I really prove myself. And now that I have been into it I think it certainly doesn't feel any different from the academic world we have been bred in… there is a boss who is as fussy as our teachers and there are colleagues who fill the void for missing classmates..!!!

It sure is adventurous enough to flock into a planet diverse in lock, stock and barrel. Things certainly are to my expectations except for my work at times…and about which I crib as much as possible and as and when I get time. :P I often find myself in weird situations, the labour class and their nasty disgusting comments as I walk past them, in the industrial area...phew !!!! But then in this one month...I’ve learnt a lott...learnt how to mess up to mess up to mess up my time schedule and lots more isn’t that easy...but then it’s a challenge and you need to keep going ...keep pushing hard...!!!

But now after spending so much time I’ve’s not such a bad place after all...the work is good...the people are sweet and funny ! And the best part it’s a noisy place...people are always humming...fighting...Joking...Laughing!

Someone once told’s challenges are not meant to paralyse you ..they are to help you discover who you are...and that’s exactly what i am doing...exploring capabilities...facing the challenges...testing my limits and learning Life!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


After a while you learn the subtle differences
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
And company doesn't mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
And presents aren't promises !"

The labryrinth of love is like Abhimanyu's Chakravyuha...this is what todays Economic Times said ! And well said indeed...once in love forever in what I believe in. Whether you're together or just can't cut through the haze...! I am sure at one point of time we'v all behaved crazy..crazy in love..even I have. I did love, got stung, grew older , grew bolder...and realized...Yes Loving is great..but even greater is sharing that love...not just with one 'special person' but with all the special people who make the journey called life worthwhile..It took me time to figure it all out, to make a choice, to do whats right..and now that clouds have lifted...the sun has appeared..LIFE IS GREAT ..LETS CELEBRATE...not just today...but everyday !!! If you really want to show your love...act on it when its least expected...not when society tells you to do it..

Whats your take on valentine's day....Love it or hate it ? Or, are you like me where you could go either way ... :) :)

A very very happy valentine's day to those I love..U know who you are...My family, my friends..friends that are dear, some who are not near...i know you can hear...I give my heart to all of you..


And yes, needless to mention ...Don't forget to love yourself...don't forget to pamper yourself...don't forget ..each one of us is special...because...