Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dedicated to all my teachers til date.

When I last visited my school , I was absolutely amazed to see the gleam in the eyes of my teachers ....they were DELIGHTED ! Their love and affection was gushing out for me and i could actually see it in their eyes...As a student i remember how we were taught to be cultured and well mannered. While in school, we were in awe of our teachers, we loved them , they loved us ...there was an element called respect !

But, as I set foot in college i realized all in all, there is deterioration in the school and college discipline. We Indians are considered to be cultured and respectful; carrying the treasure of our ancestral values. And here we treat our teachers and professors in the ugliest way. Gone are the days when Eklavya gave away his thumb to his guru without asking any questions. The teacher was then seen as a a parent, a mentor and like a God. Probably that is why students would touch teacher’s feet i guess !Well I am not  even advocating a return to those times but today the pendulum has swung far too much away from the authority and respect our teachers command.

While in school I never even dreamed of even talking back to my teachers, let alone ridiculing them ! Sure we had the odd run-in with them, but students who tried to cross this line of respect were clipped around the ear. In today's world, if a college professor does anything even close to punishing the students that would infringe the little darlings' human rights..!!! I sure have seen many such examples in my 6 years of college life..

Yes, in today’s era of fast changing values and technology, we as students are getting exposure to many means of education, the media, internet and books to name a few. But that dsnt really undermine the importance of  having a teacher or attending classes...does it ?Can a human being be replaced by audio-visual teaching aids?

True that these aids appeal to the eyes and mind, but at the same time they are so mechanical, emotionless..!!! In contrast, our teachers provide us not only intellectual support but also moral support, ethical values and emotional positivity.

It disheartens me at times...when i find only a shade of the devotion, respect and duty to the teachers by the students today ... and please even that shade of feeling is not universal..just a few good students here n there ! Leave aside complete submission of one’s ego to the teacher’s will. We find frequent friction and clashes of egos. Perhaps, some where we probably believe we know more than them ! Today, the teacher is perceived as another service provider who gets paid for it...

Rude , but yes it is true..we really have forgotten our values and the respect we owe to our teachers...! Though it might be impossible to recreate the situation as of yore, but it is desirable to travel a few steps back...infact essential..

For all my fellowmates and friends who read this...spare a moment to think about it ! :) and only when the realization comes from within can the guru shishya relationship be rekindled !

P.S - I dnt want to sound like some teachers pet or something , and I am no geek but I decided to write this post when one fine day i had had enuff  from the miscreants studying in my college... !!! I hope it helps :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turbulent times

I guess its time for an update. I’ve been wanting to put up a real post for quite some time now but the things that I do to keep me busy, really do keep me busy….drained rather. No complaints though. Busy is good, right? :)

Ever wondered how the general mindset of our generation, keeps changing?
From discussions...the first crush in school, to discussing career paths after school,to discovering friendships and hunting for good boys in college and so on...
Well my latest discovery, and I might be really lame and late in realizing this, is that by the time you are past your mid-20s, all anyone can talk about is Relationships...!!!
Good relationships and Bad relationships.
Long relationships and Failed relationships.
Who is getting into a relationship and Who just fell out of one.
Why you need to be in relationships and why you are better off without them.
Guys who've been in a dozen relationships since puberty and Girls who havn't seen even one.
Relationships that led to marriages and Relationships that were forged after marriages.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with all of this. I see everything,i experience everything and I hear everyone.
The only hitch is that I look at the mirror and fail to understand - Why am i always in trouble when it comes to such relationships !!!
Is it a general problem that everyone seems to suffer from or is it something peculiar to me...the question is ...and would always remain...

Monday, October 12, 2009

CaN THe HeaRT EveR CeaSE to LOVE...

Relationships start and relationships break... 
And after all has happened...hurt, lonely, deserted , grief struck we decide we wont fall in love again...we yearn for the love we have lost..we grieve and mourn...with no motivation and energy left...we see no future! A break up of any kind of relationship makes a person lose her strength and her self esteem. It's tough to move on with life when you suddenly find yourself unloved and single again...There is so much that keeps you reminding of all that happened..there are shared memories, shared friends, shared traditions and sometimes shared children !
It is sad but eventually even after all we stop loving ? Do we actually stop loving them or do we just supress our feelings ? Or do we just move on and put it behind us ? When we say perhaps it doesnt go away may be it turns to something like a detached love...It's just like when someone that you love dies. You don't stop loving them just because they are no longer here, you just accept that they've moved on and learn to cherish the memories that you have...
Watever the case be...rarely does someone hold back to the old memories..." LOVE is a slippery slope! " as one of my frends says...n no matter how hard we try we do slip every now n then :) and even then we are never prepared for the heart ache that goes with it...!!!

Everyone is different, and time does heal and make things easier, but there are some people you never stop loving , at least its that way for me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it really LOVE that hurts?

Well well... my question to everyone who reads this....Have you ever really been in love? Does it really hurt so much ? A friend of mine happened to meet me today, unfortunately his relationship with his high school sweetheart had come to an he told me about his story n the way things happened i could feel the impression he had gathered about this emotion called LOVE ! He said its horrible because it makes you so vulnerable...opening your chest, opening up your heart so that someone can get inside you and mess you up. Well, he claimed he was perfectly " normal "till the day " that stupid girl " ( his words !) no different from all the other stupid girls walked into his life...and; he gave her a piece of himself...and then his life wasn't his own anymore. Love had ripped him apart he said !!! Just like all gud friends i sided by him ...n consoled me...however he soon left and left me wondering ...IS IT REALLY LOVE THAT HURTS?????

I guess, rejection hurts, loneliness hurts, parting hurts, distance hurts...but its never love that hurts...! And if u ask is so beautiful that once ur out of it ...u want to fall into the whole thing again and again and again !!!

Love is always evolving, and changing intensity. The ability to morph from one person to another is one of the most beautiful qualities of love. The fact that people have enough faith in another person, in the joys of love, that they allow themselves to be vulnerable to such pain, is itself such a beautiful thing...!!! However the question still it really love that hurts?

"O tell her, brief is life but love is long."

- Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Monday, October 5, 2009

Letting go ...

The beauty about life is that its constantly changing...taking new twists n turns that we can never predict...
Spending years away from home in the company of friends had made me some what very demanding ..i mean there was never any option besides keeping in touch always..! Every happening in each others life was always discussed in length ..and in depth...but over a period of time iv realized...There are times you need to let go !!! And letting go does not mean breaking ties..letting go does not mean u stop caring..letting go simply means accepting the fact that the outcome cannot always be in my hands...

Today everyone has more "responsibilities" (however you define it), and though news is still shared, it is no longer with the same limitless abandon as before. The ones who were there for me 24/7 no longer seemed to be "on call" for me all the time. Though I know, they are the best on earth ..that I can still count on them, I initially felt hurt by this sudden demotion. For the first time in my life, Iv started thinking twice about calling some close friends for fear of "intruding". I was unhappy about this initially but now i guess..
I have finally reached the stage I have dreaded for so long. I have come to accept that frequent and daily communication with close friends is not something which is going to start happening magically by itself. Though it seemed so at some point, just because we are "friends", it does not automatically guarantee constant involvement. Everyone is busy with their own lives. 
Maybe this is another symptom of growing up - I don't know. The saddest part is, I no longer feel sad or angered by this realization. Because I myself am "busy" you see... :D

Don't get me wrong here. As I have said many times before, my friends will always be one of the foundations of my life and that is something which will never change. Friendship should grow and evolve as the persons in it grow and evolve - that after all, is a sign of a long-lasting relationship. Well, this knowledge still does not stop me from saying with pride that..
That they have continued to be n would always be there for me wenever i want them...just that the scenario has changed...situations have changed...there are other things which are probably keepin us all occupied...n now i think im mature enough to understand this transition n let go... :)

Life is so hard that if you keep chasing it it will drive you to death ...and Time when pursued like a bandit will behave like one...At some point you have to stop because IT WON' have to admit that you can't catch it..that you 're not supposed to catch it some point u gotta let go...sit still and allow contentment to come to you !!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too busy to be lonely...?

One question i always wonder about is ...Does everybody get this hollow feeling once in a while ..or am i the only one? N though i know that i am not the only doesn't really provide much solace to me..people say i am very busy all the time...busy to such an extent that the demands of my social net work have started to take their toll on my personal life ! I don't think so ...its not necessary that somebody who's always surrounded by people is never lonely...such people are lonely in their own ways. I do feel lonely at times...but i know how to use it to my advantage...
Though it is this very loneliness that brings me closer to my inner self, enhances my thinking ability, helps me analyze the things around me, recognize the world and makes me deep rooted at heart is this very loneliness i dread ! I wonder why somebody said loneliness is godliness... for me its a just a state of conflict in ma mind ...which if allowed to stay for long, can work havoc with my life at least. and so i need to get rid of it keeping my mind as busy as i can ...and besides i enjoy that ..

So for all the people who think i am too take care of my life n them, Think again
May be my minds always engaged in thinking about you !!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Has your bus arrived yet ....?

For a change, I am by myself tonight, as Iv been yearning to be for quite some days.. Very recently one of my closest friends got engaged...wondering about the whole sequence of events...i was just thinking....we dnt need to hunt for love, love would find its way to our hearts by itself. Love is just like someone waiting for a bus. ...
When the bus comes, you look at it and you say to yourself " more available seat". "I'll wait for the next one". So you let the bus go and waited for the second bus.
Then the second bus came, you looked at it you say, "eew...this bus is so shabby!" So you let the bus leave and again, decided to wait for the next bus.
After a while another bus came, it's not crowded, not old but you said, "eeee...not air-conditioned ...better wait for the next one". So again you let the bus go and decided to wait for the next bus. Then the sky started to get dark as it is getting late. You panicked and jumped immediately inside the next bus. It is not until much later that you found out that you had boarded the wrong bus! So you wasted your time and energy waiting for what you want! Even if an air-conditioned bus comes, you can't ensure that the air-conditioned bus won't break down ! or whether or not the airconditioner will be too cold for you. So people... wanting to get what you want is not wrong. But it wouldn't hurt to give other person a chance, right? If you find that the "bus" doesn't suit you just press the red button and get off the bus!(as simple as that!) well this was for all the stone hearted people out there ....who just dnt budge from their decisions...
Hey who said life is fair??? The best thing to do is be observant and open while you scrutinize the bus. If it doesn't suit you, get off. But you must always have an extra something which you could use for the next bu
s that comes. But wait........ I'm sure you have this experience before...You saw a bus coming (the bus you want, of course) you flagged it but the driver acted as if he did not see you and zoomed pass you! It just wasn't meant for you! The bottom line is, being loved is like waiting for a bus you want. Getting on the bus and appreciating the bus by giving it a chance depends totally on you!
If you haven't made any choice, WALK! Walking is like being out of love. The good side of it is you can still choose any bus you want... the rest who couldn't afford another ride would just have to be content with the bus they rode on, ugly or not.
One more thing.... sometimes its better to choose a bus you are already familiar with rather than gamble with a bus that is unfamiliar to you. But then again, life wouldn't be complete without the risks involved. BUT THERE'S ONE BUS THAT I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE BUS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR...IT WILL JUST STOP ON ITS OWN AND WILL ASK YOU TO COME INSIDE AND TAKE A FREE RIDE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE... i guess friend has finally got his bus... :))
"You Never Lose By Loving You Always Lose By Holding Back"
We all are lonely at some point or the other, we all have the urge to be in a relationship... a serious relationship, we want so much to experience the reciprocality of loving and being loved, of sharing the mundane events of everyday life with someone, like washing dishes after dinner or simply curling up on the couch with a book while the other is wasting time on the internet. Those are the kinds of things that touch my heart: spending time together without having to do anything special, where simply being in each other’s presence is enough. A relationship where the little things are what count the most.. My point, I suppose, is that I am deciding here and now not to worry about it.. I am concentrating on becoming more independent, on becoming more comfortable with myself, and on becoming a woman who can create her own happiness. I won’t say it’s easy; it’s not. The steps that I am taking are very small. But I believe that in accomplishing these small tasks, I am slowly becoming the person that I need to be for whoever turns out to be the one that I decide to share my life with. And that is definitely worth it.I ve learned not to give of myself so easily. I've learned that I have a lot of love to give, but more importantly I can’t give it to just anybody...

Monday, September 21, 2009


Let me first begin by telling you all what youth united is , Youth united is a an NGO that is registered under the societies registration act 1860. i became apart of YU as we call it during my 3rd year of graduation ....till then it was not a big organization...just a handful of students trying to do good to the society each in their own special way ...but YU stands tall as the only NGO in teh country having university students as its members and having chapters in four cities of the country...n i feel very humble to be part of the governing body of YU .
Well it was one of the routine meeting ...tiredness, exhaustion ..n then suddenly Aman comes up with this idea of sharing our experiences in YU till date..what motivated us to join the organization and why we are here today ! So, here i am letting everybody know what passion i feel for YU. It was durig my 3rd year in college that Vibhor , one of my friends told me about Youth United and the activities it does...i joined...just to oblige him ...just for the sake of doing somethig new and different... In the beginning , the concept did not appeal to me much to be very frank ...i was part of some events like the one held in sec 17 on global warming , n the one held in british library, and the rock n roll workshop...there were times when i felt that the only reason i m holding on to YU is because of my friends who introduced me to it had almost become an obligation ! days passed by ...i often wondered what gud am i doin to this organization was then that i was asked to collect funds for smiling future 1. Trust me people for the first time i did not feel ashamed collecting donations ..the cause was soo noble and for teh ones who attended the event was indeed a touching site ... nothing in the world can beat the satisfaction you derieve by associating yourself with such a cause !It was then that i actually realized Youth United is now a very part of my being. Right from teaching you how to organize an event , manage a team of people, how to interact with people from different walks of life, giving you the opportunity to help needy people and reach out to the masses YU has given me everything that is needed for an overall personality development .I think today i can tell everyone with great pride that i am part of a great organization called YOUTH UNITED. what has kept me bound to this organization for soo long is the attachment i feel with each of the members , the satisfaction i get when ever an event is succesful and whenever we are able to bring a smile on someones face... n yes of course the value additions that i am making to my own personality ... YU to me today is not just an organization on papers its more of A FAMILY ...!!!I really hope all of us realize the noble cause we are all here for , and work with full enthusiasm to 'foster the development of the society , through the power of youth ' as our aim reads ! As for me , i pledge to be a part of this family for all times to come... expecting the same from all of you ..WISHING THE YOUTH UNITED FAMILY GREATER SUCCESS IN FUTURE !!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was the summer of 2004.the results of all the medical entrance exams i had appeared for were out...n i had not achieved what i future was dark ! I had no idea what i would do and where i would go...i dint want to waste another year , going over the same buks...i was certain about that ...
It was then that i happened to come to chandigarh to seek admission at that time seemed like a very demeaning degree to me...something that probably wasnt meant for a person with my kind of caliber ! a chemist as they said it was.... (of course , my view point changed later...its not cakewalk afterall...)Little did i realize then that this degree would indeed change my life....i dnt remember exactly but it was somewhere in July that we began with the early experiences were not so gud...we all came from different places...with different backgrounds...with little wilingness to mingle...1st year just flew that time i had learnt a lot..been through a couple of broken friendships, a series of crushes ...and other such things...
It was in second year that I actually found real gems in the form of friends...Life suddenly became so much more interesting...i finally had my own circle of frends, a set of people whom i actually got along with ...people who loved me the way i was...navdeep, aditi, shubham , vibhor, nawab , bhatti...and deepanshu ....these were the people who were goin to be my family for the next couple of years :) Yes , there were many more...aru, lakhu, isha, sonam, dee, pallavi, nisha..and yes a couple of lovely seniors and juniors...!!! NOthing on this earth can ever beat the fun i had with my frends around....Hostel life was fun too....the feeling of being away from home had finally sunk in and i was takin it pretty well.... :) with ppl like....pusu di...mishu....ruchika di...nancy di...hostel life rocked ! It still does....though i miss u ppl ...and by now im completely in love with the city beautiful...and the university...! Graduation was fun...spending sleepless nights rolling on the bed with laughter....the girly talks that would continue for hours...the long hours on phone...the class trips....those bunks...lunches..bday parties...and yes ofcourse... the romance in the air...i miss it all ! had it not been for all the lovely people around me, i never would have had so much fun all my life...
Each one of you who has touched my life is special....and treasured !

Thank you for always being there.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

simply me....

Well here's how it begin wd a lil bt myself....

1.To begin with I am really very thankful to God for giving me the strength to be the way I am today ….brave …bold…strong!!!!!

2.If after my family I love someone …I LOVE MY FRENDS….ol of them ….school time, college time….and all the others who have touched my life in one way or another!

3.I believe in love…I believe in love that lasts forever ….and though I am well aware of the fact that when it hurts it hurts like hell …I still believe...It’s a beautiful feeling and is worth all the pain ….I absolutely love being in love…! It’s like an itching about the heart that u cannot scratch..LOL!

4.I hate being quiet….I love people who keep talking and laughing ….in fact that’s the first thing that I notice about someone …SENSE OF HUMOR ! I really admire intelligent witty people who are good with their words….I dislike people who speak or write bad or grammatically incorrect English

5.I can only survive in the company of people who can argue more than me! :P

6.If there is one thing in this world that I cannot stand its spiders!!! I m sure I’ve got arachnophobia.

7.I love being pampered ….:) :) :) I love flowers, chocolates and all the girly stuff in the world..

8.I hate people who say things that they don’t mean...I hate people who don’t value and care for relationships...

9.I believe in God, and the fact that he is always there to take care of me… I believe everything that happens, happens for a reason which we realize sometime later!

10.I have no regrets in life…whatsoever …I v never really done anything in life that I am really sorry for (I think so !)

11.I think when u r in love for the first time it makes u feel really silly… u r heart beats so fast that It might just jump out of u r chest, all the romantic movies suddenly start making sense and though hard to admit it does make u some sort of pervert !

12.I’ve been staying away from home for the past….6 years now…n though I miss staying at home, at the same time I love hostel life! I have enjoyed every moment of my life here in the univ. like crazy….but I miss u aditi :(

13.I love competing…but only healthy competition…I love being in the limelight (almost everybody does) and I do get upset when I lose (which I believe is fairly human!)

14.I love studying ….since childhood :)

15.I cry a lot! But I never cry in front of anyone….

16.My favorite quote… “Anyone can catch your eye…but it takes someone special to catch your heart…” ;)

17.I have this habit of getting obsessed with songs I like n then writing down their lyrics n reading them over n over again…….till they v settled inside me! Right now….ye dooriyan …..(love aj kal !)

18.The reason why I am writing this is because I was getting really bored……

19.What I expect …pls read it and leave back comments :)

20.What’s on my mind next…i want to write more and more.......