Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painfully pleasurable..

Writing this one post is something i'v been dreading for long ... because it has me trudging back the memory lane....over the path strewn with memories...some sweet ..some sour ..some bitter...but all very dear to me !!

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kab se
Aage ke sapne saja rakhe the naajane kab se

Bade utavle the yaha se jane ko
Zindagi ka agla padav paane ko

Par na jaane kyu...dil mein aj kuch aur ata hai
Waqt ko rokne ko jee chahta hai ..!!

Its just not sinking in ...yet another phase of life has come to an end..and its finally time to set foot in another world. No more classes to attend and more assignments to make ! It was 6 long years ago the day I stepped in this university...I still remember my first day so clearly like it just happened yesterday. The mixed emotions of ..excitement, fear , curiosity and happiness all seem so vivid...and now that it all seems so settled its time to leave.
Our Gang :)

The early pharmacy days were absolute fun...I instantly bonded with people who I can proudly call the best friends I have had till date..

B.Pharmacy Batch 2004-2008

Attending classes was suddenly FUN ... Thanx to you guys..!