Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We today celebrate yet another REPUBLIC DAY. How ever, what should worry us is that the 60th Republic Day of the country would also pass of as just another National Holiday ! I somehow dnt understand what is so 'national' about the R-Day celebrations? As the country showcases its military might and vibrant cultural heritage..the question that remains to be answered is that do these celebrations still stir in us the same passion as it did during the days of the freedom struggle, do we still feel enthused or do we just spend another cosy day in the warmth of our rooms?

In the wake of booming economic growth and growing consumerist culture do we still take pride in our national flag which is sold a dozen a dime at traffic junctions all over the country....

Being from an army family, as a child i grew up seeing the Republic Day parade and even today when its been years since i witnessed the celebrations at Rajghat, i think the least we can do is spare some time to think about the contributions and sacrifices made by the great leaders of our country and how we as responsible citizens can contribute our bit in making India a truly Independent Nation ...!!!

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā

ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamāra


SuDhAnShU ShArMa (Buks) said...

Yes its true that today we the people of India celebrate our 60th Republic Day with respect to liberty,secularism,pluralism and social harmony in this largest democracy of the world.
The show of military power and cultural diversity is just to let the world know that how this 'Union of States' is bonded together despite all these differences. I think that you cannot make a difference in a single day you have to strive for perfection each and everyday and it takes years to make a nation perfect.India in that respect is quite a young nation,just 60 years old.The challenges before us is to see that the basic aspirations of our people for enhanced welfare and well being are forested and served.We want rapid industrialization,full employment,meaningful induction of science and technology to sub serve our social goals and a general raising of living standards.
All this can be done only by our own people by making full use of our resources and by doing our work honestly and with full dedication.So please whatever you do, do it sincerely and honestly,and if you see anyone not doing his or her work properly make him/her realize and if the person concerned is not responding positively,then humiliate the person in public it'll work.
You ask how you can make the difference PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN
JAI HIND!!!!!!!

PaRUL SooD said...

thank you so much for the comment sudhanshu...i didnt know u actually read my blog :)
Happy republic day to u as well !!!!

SuDhAnShU ShArMa (Buks) said...

no probs yaar
i always has an opinion in everything
waise i must tell you that i love to read

PaRUL SooD said...

:) :) great then ! i m assured of one reader atleast :P

obscurantist said...

happy republic day....dis one made for a quick nice read....and yes...abt d national holiday part....dou as students we love holidays but its really amusing that our govt seems as frivolous as we youngsters are when it decides holz...d irrelevant of al wz d holiday announced in punjab ova d death of d veteran leader jyoti basu ...as if al his life he imparted teachingz of lazyin arn n leaving onez work .

PaRUL SooD said...

well...yeah ur ryt..partially :)! The Govt probably declared a holiday as a mark of respect to that chap but what we could still have done is made use of that holiday rather than just lazing around...yess as students we all love holz...even i do ! But then when would we grow up and realize we as students are the ones who r gong to be the future of tomm!

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