Monday, September 21, 2009


Let me first begin by telling you all what youth united is , Youth united is a an NGO that is registered under the societies registration act 1860. i became apart of YU as we call it during my 3rd year of graduation ....till then it was not a big organization...just a handful of students trying to do good to the society each in their own special way ...but YU stands tall as the only NGO in teh country having university students as its members and having chapters in four cities of the country...n i feel very humble to be part of the governing body of YU .
Well it was one of the routine meeting ...tiredness, exhaustion ..n then suddenly Aman comes up with this idea of sharing our experiences in YU till date..what motivated us to join the organization and why we are here today ! So, here i am letting everybody know what passion i feel for YU. It was durig my 3rd year in college that Vibhor , one of my friends told me about Youth United and the activities it does...i joined...just to oblige him ...just for the sake of doing somethig new and different... In the beginning , the concept did not appeal to me much to be very frank ...i was part of some events like the one held in sec 17 on global warming , n the one held in british library, and the rock n roll workshop...there were times when i felt that the only reason i m holding on to YU is because of my friends who introduced me to it had almost become an obligation ! days passed by ...i often wondered what gud am i doin to this organization was then that i was asked to collect funds for smiling future 1. Trust me people for the first time i did not feel ashamed collecting donations ..the cause was soo noble and for teh ones who attended the event was indeed a touching site ... nothing in the world can beat the satisfaction you derieve by associating yourself with such a cause !It was then that i actually realized Youth United is now a very part of my being. Right from teaching you how to organize an event , manage a team of people, how to interact with people from different walks of life, giving you the opportunity to help needy people and reach out to the masses YU has given me everything that is needed for an overall personality development .I think today i can tell everyone with great pride that i am part of a great organization called YOUTH UNITED. what has kept me bound to this organization for soo long is the attachment i feel with each of the members , the satisfaction i get when ever an event is succesful and whenever we are able to bring a smile on someones face... n yes of course the value additions that i am making to my own personality ... YU to me today is not just an organization on papers its more of A FAMILY ...!!!I really hope all of us realize the noble cause we are all here for , and work with full enthusiasm to 'foster the development of the society , through the power of youth ' as our aim reads ! As for me , i pledge to be a part of this family for all times to come... expecting the same from all of you ..WISHING THE YOUTH UNITED FAMILY GREATER SUCCESS IN FUTURE !!!


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