Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too busy to be lonely...?

One question i always wonder about is ...Does everybody get this hollow feeling once in a while ..or am i the only one? N though i know that i am not the only one..it doesn't really provide much solace to me..people say i am very busy all the time...busy to such an extent that the demands of my social net work have started to take their toll on my personal life ! I don't think so ...its not necessary that somebody who's always surrounded by people is never lonely...such people are lonely in their own ways. I do feel lonely at times...but i know how to use it to my advantage...
Though it is this very loneliness that brings me closer to my inner self, enhances my thinking ability, helps me analyze the things around me, recognize the world and makes me deep rooted at heart ..it is this very loneliness i dread ! I wonder why somebody said loneliness is godliness... for me its a just a state of conflict in ma mind ...which if allowed to stay for long, can work havoc with my life at least. and so i need to get rid of it ...by keeping my mind as busy as i can ...and besides i enjoy that ..

So for all the people who think i am too busy..to take care of my life n them, Think again
May be my minds always engaged in thinking about you !!!!


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