Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turbulent times

I guess its time for an update. I’ve been wanting to put up a real post for quite some time now but the things that I do to keep me busy, really do keep me busy….drained rather. No complaints though. Busy is good, right? :)

Ever wondered how the general mindset of our generation, keeps changing?
From discussions...the first crush in school, to discussing career paths after school,to discovering friendships and hunting for good boys in college and so on...
Well my latest discovery, and I might be really lame and late in realizing this, is that by the time you are past your mid-20s, all anyone can talk about is Relationships...!!!
Good relationships and Bad relationships.
Long relationships and Failed relationships.
Who is getting into a relationship and Who just fell out of one.
Why you need to be in relationships and why you are better off without them.
Guys who've been in a dozen relationships since puberty and Girls who havn't seen even one.
Relationships that led to marriages and Relationships that were forged after marriages.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with all of this. I see everything,i experience everything and I hear everyone.
The only hitch is that I look at the mirror and fail to understand - Why am i always in trouble when it comes to such relationships !!!
Is it a general problem that everyone seems to suffer from or is it something peculiar to me...the question is ...and would always remain...


bEAST said...

Not to go totally against you, guess what you wrote might be true in case of girls, but it definitely doesn't hold applicable when it comes to guyz!

PaRUL SooD said...

well, no its not this being true for girlz or guys..i guess its a phase in everybody's life that u have to go through ...but yess i'l agree with you if you say the phase lasts longer for girlz..

Judismo said...

If allowed to give an absolutely scientific explanation which hopefully doesnt offend you, I guess my old friend Darvin wud av an explanation for what you talk about here. Maybe it has something to do with our biological being. A deep instinct which makes organisms search out for possible mates. These instincts are active only in our subconscious and we may deny them but they really affect the way we do things and why we do things.

PaRUL SooD said...

well i am not offended...yeah as i said earlier its bout a phase in everybody's life...which as u have said can be attributed to our biological make up ..!
but my problem is do we handle these relationships ...without hurting anybody and without gettin hurt ourselves..

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