Monday, October 12, 2009

CaN THe HeaRT EveR CeaSE to LOVE...

Relationships start and relationships break... 
And after all has happened...hurt, lonely, deserted , grief struck we decide we wont fall in love again...we yearn for the love we have lost..we grieve and mourn...with no motivation and energy left...we see no future! A break up of any kind of relationship makes a person lose her strength and her self esteem. It's tough to move on with life when you suddenly find yourself unloved and single again...There is so much that keeps you reminding of all that happened..there are shared memories, shared friends, shared traditions and sometimes shared children !
It is sad but eventually even after all we stop loving ? Do we actually stop loving them or do we just supress our feelings ? Or do we just move on and put it behind us ? When we say perhaps it doesnt go away may be it turns to something like a detached love...It's just like when someone that you love dies. You don't stop loving them just because they are no longer here, you just accept that they've moved on and learn to cherish the memories that you have...
Watever the case be...rarely does someone hold back to the old memories..." LOVE is a slippery slope! " as one of my frends says...n no matter how hard we try we do slip every now n then :) and even then we are never prepared for the heart ache that goes with it...!!!

Everyone is different, and time does heal and make things easier, but there are some people you never stop loving , at least its that way for me.


Deepanshu said...

why is that ur article has only mentioned THE PERSON as HER. Can't there be men who can get hurt..nd yes about's the driving force of the universe and a feeling that makes us special...and the feeling may be realized and observed in the bond b/w a mother and her child, a brother and sister..and not always b/w lovers.Ur heart breaks and it heals itself with time..but living with the feeling that caused the heartbreak at the first place,i think is sheer doubt love remains..but sometimes relating that love with what happened in the past is simply again the sojourn of ur life u meet lots of ppl..some u to spend time with them and they become a part of ur life and again u find someone u fall in love keep loving..........ND STOP WRITING ABT HEARTBREAKING coz ur heart ain't worth a break...and also GUYS DO GET HURT...

SuDhAnShU ShArMa (Buks) said...

This is what i feel ...............
and its not heartbreak
they r just miseries which heels with time(the best healer)
and yes DEEPANSHU is right guys do get hurt
One more thing
the answer to ur question"CaN THe HeaRT EveR CeaSE to LOVE..." is
yes it will eventually cease to love one's it ceases to beat.............

PaRUL SooD said...

@deepanshu...yeah well said ! the heart does heal with time and it is indeed stupidity to keep thinking bout the past...but only if it was as simple as it is to say it !!!!!!
n yes of course guys do get hurt :))my article mentions the one who gets hurt as "her" because probably im trying to write from what i feel ... but really thanx for the lovely comment...seeems uv thot deeply over it....n its not just my heart in teh world is worth a heartbreak !
@sudhanshu....yeah ryt ....wat u r talkin about is selfeless love...wen u are so willing to devote urself towards someone that u forget ur own happiness...but honestly ....its not always worth it !!!!!
"A man who loves himself has no rivals" somebody said this to me....n i agree...more than u love anybody ...u need to love urself

bEAST said...

To tell you the truth, love hurts after parting only when you dont want to move on. A break up leaves you feeling insecure. When you are in a relationship, you feel secure, that you have found the significant other. You start imagining your life around him. Every little detail. And then when it crashes, you realize that all your dreams shall now not come true. That insecurity is madening. A question every broken heart asks is "How will I live mylife without him?" Look at the question and analyze!

No wonder when you look for a replacement, you try finding bits and pieces of your earlier lover in this someone new. A single similarity and lo behold, you are in love again.

PaRUL SooD said...

@ beast...well well....the last line is perfect ... a single similarity and we r in love again ...but no ...its not that love hurts wen u dnt want to move on hurts every single day even wen u v moved on ...u do live without the other person ...afterall nothing is indispensible..but love continues to hurt...till the memories break u apart !

bEAST said...

By the way, time does heal but it aint the greatest healer. Love is the true healer. Seriously. Your heart heals faster if you decide to move on and not weap over the dead body of your broken relationship. The more you indulge yourself in other activities, and maybe try finding sum1 new, teh sooner your heart shall heal.

bEAST said...

How are you defining moving on? Check your definitions madam. If you are still writing about your broken heart, then it means that you havent moved on. You move on teh moment you start enjoying other things in life. The moment you can look at the skies and not think about him. The moment you become open to the idea of a new relation, sum1 different than the one in the past. Someone of a totally new flavour, totally unlike the one before.

Tell me trully that you dont want your new one to be like your past one at all and I would tell you that you have moved on.

PaRUL SooD said...

yeah love is a true healer , but u dnt always have to get on to a new relation to forget a past relation ...somtimes it just dies out ...n by the way beast...who says that u writing about the past signifies u havnt moved on ? first of all this wsnt abt my past...just general , secondly...why u still continue to write bt the past is because u cherish it ! so wat if the relation is no more...the memories are, n sometyms they are worth holding on to !

Rachel C Miller said...

I think it is okay to allow that which love to endure throughout our life, even after we have turned the page and have begun another chapter.
That is because the memories are filed within our heart to be viewed when necessary.

Crimson Blog said...
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Anonymous said...

Love can never be so beautiful without friendship... One leads to another and the process is irreversible... The best of lovers is first, the greatest of friends.
When you love someone, don't expect that person to love you back the same amount; one
of you will be ahead, the other behind. It's either you catch up or the other waits.
Never be afraid to fall in love... it may hurt a lot; it may give you aches and pains, but if you don't follow your heart, in the end you will cry even more bitterly for not having given love a chance.
Don't be afraid of rejection, for rejection is part of the process of finding your Kindred Spirit; rejection is the dues everyone pays for membership in the human race. Better it is that you find out about incompatabilities early-on, than to discover them later, when the relationship is complicated with things that have nothing to do with your feelings for that person. The universal truth is that when a door closes, another door, or a window opens. Falling in Love is not something you can plan; but it is something you can be prepared for.
Love is not a feeling; it's a decision and a commitment. Feelings come and go. Love doesn't have to have a happy ending, because love doesn't have to end at all. True love hears what is not spoken and understands what is not explained, for love doesn't work in the mouth, nor the mind, but in the heart... Love knows the unknowable, understands the incomprehensible, and endures the unendurable.
The Greeks have names for the four different kinds of love, and you'd be wise to know
them and their definitions.When you love, you must not expect anything in return, for if you do, you're not loving
but investing. If you love, you must prepare to accept both happiness and pain, for if you
expect only happiness, you're not loving but using... It's better to lose your pride with
someone you love, rather than lose someone you love with your useless pride.
How can I say goodbye to someone I never had? Why do tears fall for someone who was
never mine? Why is it that I miss someone who I was never with? and I ask why I love
someone whose love was never mine? It's hard for two people to love each other when
they live in two different worlds... but when these two worlds collide and become one,
that's what you call....... magic!
Don't love a person like a flower, because a flower dies in season. Love them like a river
because a river flows forever... Love may seduce you, and then leave your heart like
shattered glass, but keep in mind that there's someone who really loves you, and who is willing to endure the pain of picking up the pieces so you can be whole again.

PaRUL SooD said...

I guess..all in all...falling in love is worth the pain !!

Anonymous said...

"Falling in love" or should we say "Rising in love", if pain is worthy at all.....

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