Monday, October 5, 2009

Letting go ...

The beauty about life is that its constantly changing...taking new twists n turns that we can never predict...
Spending years away from home in the company of friends had made me some what very demanding ..i mean there was never any option besides keeping in touch always..! Every happening in each others life was always discussed in length ..and in depth...but over a period of time iv realized...There are times you need to let go !!! And letting go does not mean breaking ties..letting go does not mean u stop caring..letting go simply means accepting the fact that the outcome cannot always be in my hands...

Today everyone has more "responsibilities" (however you define it), and though news is still shared, it is no longer with the same limitless abandon as before. The ones who were there for me 24/7 no longer seemed to be "on call" for me all the time. Though I know, they are the best on earth ..that I can still count on them, I initially felt hurt by this sudden demotion. For the first time in my life, Iv started thinking twice about calling some close friends for fear of "intruding". I was unhappy about this initially but now i guess..
I have finally reached the stage I have dreaded for so long. I have come to accept that frequent and daily communication with close friends is not something which is going to start happening magically by itself. Though it seemed so at some point, just because we are "friends", it does not automatically guarantee constant involvement. Everyone is busy with their own lives. 
Maybe this is another symptom of growing up - I don't know. The saddest part is, I no longer feel sad or angered by this realization. Because I myself am "busy" you see... :D

Don't get me wrong here. As I have said many times before, my friends will always be one of the foundations of my life and that is something which will never change. Friendship should grow and evolve as the persons in it grow and evolve - that after all, is a sign of a long-lasting relationship. Well, this knowledge still does not stop me from saying with pride that..
That they have continued to be n would always be there for me wenever i want them...just that the scenario has changed...situations have changed...there are other things which are probably keepin us all occupied...n now i think im mature enough to understand this transition n let go... :)

Life is so hard that if you keep chasing it it will drive you to death ...and Time when pursued like a bandit will behave like one...At some point you have to stop because IT WON' have to admit that you can't catch it..that you 're not supposed to catch it some point u gotta let go...sit still and allow contentment to come to you !!!


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